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A wet room is an ideal solution for a bathing area where disabled or older persons require extra space and they are incapable of getting into a bath or standard shower tray.

The installation of a levelled walk in floor allows easy access to the shower and can give a person their independence back whilst also reducing the chance of falls that can happen with traditional raised shower trays or baths.


We have many styles of support bars, shower seats and grab rails to help with showering which allows the user a welcomed boost to allow them to bathe themselves without the need for assistance.


The availability of so many designs means mobility wet rooms no longer have to be look at as bland or sterile environments, they can be elegant and modern or even contemporary, the choice is yours.


Before you start the process of getting a wet room fitted, you need to think about what your individual needs and requirements are. We have wet room specialists on hand to help with this process if you need some help, but here are a few things to think about as you enter the planning stage:


What do you need right now:
It may sound obvious but you need to consider your current needs, however don’t overthink this too much as we can help with this process and advice you on what you may require.


Will your needs change in the future:
For example, you may need to shower with a wheelchair in the future? This may affect the choice of under tray and also think about access for a wheelchair into the wet room.


Does it need to be wheelchair accessible?
Not all wet rooms are suitable for using a wheelchair or other point loading device (such as a stool) where all the users weight is concentrated in points on the under tray.


How will the floor be finished?
The most common floor finish for a wet room is with a non-slip vinyl floor but we can give you all the available choices upon survey of your property as not all flooring types.

We put the customers experience at the heart of everything we do. By doing this we are proud to provide a consistently high level of personal and professional service all with bespoke packages that include our state of the art 3D Visualisation.

Give us a call so we can help you design and fit the perfect wet room for you and your family.

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